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Lunch Menu

Homemade hommus & babaganoush with fresh bread 9.9
Fresh sourdough bread, marinated olives & spiced nuts 9.9
Three cheese tasting plate 17.9
Charcuterie tasting board, pickles & breads 17.9
Flash fried Australian squid w aioli, lemon 15.9

Soup of the day with bread 12.9

Buffalo mozzarella, asparagus, spinach, tomato, basil oil 18.9
Serrano Jamon, pear, apple, endive, watercress & pomegranate 22.9
Roast beetroot, goats cheese, spiced almonds, pink 18.9
grapefruit, red sorrel leaves, dressing
Quinoa & kale salad, silver beet, tropical pesto, zucchini, 18.9
parmesan, mung beans, buttered almonds
Smoked salmon with asparagus, citrus segments, vine ripe 22.9
tomatoes, rockmelon, mixed lettuce
Add Smoked salmon, poached chicken breast or Serrano ham 6/plate

Orecchiette lemon, peas, mint, ricotta salata & almonds 17.9
Penne, Chicken & house made basil pinenut pesto pine nut 18.9
Linguine marinara, with mussels, prawns & fish, 22.9
cherry tomato & parsley
Risotto with pancetta, roast pumpkin, kale, walnuts shaved 16.9
parmesan & thyme

Slow cooked Lamb shoulder, crisp quinoa, brown rice, lentils, 28.9
spiced yoghurt
Chicken breast, crisp jamon, braised silver beet, kale 26.9
& rosemary potatoes
Salmon fillet, blood orange & fennel salad buerre blanc 26.9
Sirloin 250gm Steak, chips, endive & crispy quinoa salad 29.9
Barramundi, broccolini, confit tomatoes, harissa 28.9
Grilled king prawns with tropical green salsa, coconut rice 27.9
Fish n’ Chips, John Dory tempura fillets, lemon & aioli 24.9
Served with your choice of chips or house salad 18.9
American cheese, gherkin, house made sauce,
red onion, American cheese
Portuguese chicken breast, tomato, cos lettuce
Wagyu Beef beetroot, tomato, lettuce, onion, cheddar
Haloumi with grilled capsicum, onions, tomato, roquette,
with minted yoghurt

Club Sandwich with turkey, bacon, egg, avocado, tomato & fries 16.9
Smoked Salmon Rye, cream cheese, house salad 16.9
Bacon, Cheese, Tomato Melt, house salad 16.9
Reuben salted beef rye, sauerkraut & pickles 14.9

Pomme frites – Hand cut chips, rosemary salt 7.9
Onion rings 6.9
Seasonal vegetables, buttered almonds 8.9
House Salad green leaf & cherry tomato 8.9
Creamed potatoes 7.9

Sticky date pudding, vanilla anglaise 9.9
Flourless orange cake 9.9
Blue berry cheese cake, strawberry 9.9
Chocolate nemesis with mascarpone & strawberry 10.9

Di Giorgio Lucindale Pinot Chardonnay 11(Gls)
Lucindale SA (200ml)

Tyrrells Ashmans Semillon Brut 36(Btl)
SE Australia

Garfish Moscato 8.5(Gls) 36(Btl)
McLaren Vale SA

Tyrrells Fordwich Verdehlo 8.5(Gls) 36(Btl)
Hunter Valley NSW

Grant Burge Benchmark SSB 8.0(Gls) 34(Btl)
Barossa Valley SA

Lost Turtle Sauvignon Blanc 9.5(Gls) 42(Btl)
Marlborough NZ

Stonefish Chardonnay 9.5(Gls) 38(Btl)
Margaret River WA

Scarpantoni Gamay Dry Rose 9.0(Gls) 38(Btl)
McLaren Vale SA

Little Yering Station Pinot Noir 9.5(Gls) 42(Btl)
Yarra Valley VIC

Stonefish Merlot 8.5(Gls) 36(Btl)
Blackwood Valley WA

Grant Burge ‘Benchmark’ Cab Shiraz 8.0(Gls) 34(Btl)
Barossa Valley SA

Tyrrells Brokenback Shiraz 9.5(Gls) 42(Btl)
Hunter Valley NSW

Cascade Premium Light 6.5
Victoria Bitter 6.5
Coopers Pale Ale 7.8
Cascade Premium Lager 8.0
Crown Lager 8.0
Heineken 8.5
Stella Artois 8.5



Char-grilled organic chicken Caesar salad, croutons,
shaved parmesan, bacon, boiled egg, baby romaine
lettuce, anchovies and traditional Caesar dressing 22.5

Smoked salmon with asparagus, citrus segments, vine ripened cherry tomatoes, radicchio, rockmelon, mix
lettuce herb and citrus emulsion 22.5

Quinoa salad with baby spinach, greek feta, walnuts,
pear, roasted butter squash, artichoke with mustard vinaigrette 19.5

pasta & risotto

Prawn linguine with cherry tomatoes, lingurian olives
capers, parsley, garlic butter, crème fraiche 24.9

Slow cooked lamb shoulder with egg papperdelle, grape tomatoes, peas & yoghurt 22.9

Shiraz Risotto with grilled chicken, pancetta, grana
padano and aged balsamic 22.9

Smoked tomato risotto with peas, zucchini, spinach,
pinenuts & watercress 19.5


George’s Beef burger, swiss cheese, maple bacon, red
Onion jam, aioli and spiced tomato sauce fries or salad 16.8

Grilled chicken burger, cheddar cheese, braised onions, avocado mash, chilli mayo in with fries or salad 16.8

Grilled haloumi burger with grilled eggplant, zucchini, peppers, onions, tomato, roquette, with minted yoghurt
with fries or salad 14.8


Poached Chicken Breast, avocado, lettuce & rocket pesto 13.9
Smoked Turkey Breast, Ham, Cranberry Sauce & salad 13.9
Smoked Leg Ham, Fresh Ricotta, Tomato & basil 13.9


Hand Cut Chips 7.5
Mixed Steamed Vegetables 9.5
Iceberg Salad with avocado, tomato 9.5
Fresh Baked Sourdough Bread 1.5


Barramundi with black truffle risotto, crisp
caper and lemon 26.9

Salmon trout with braised baby tomato,
seasonal salsa, wilted kale, lemon butter 26.9

Organic Chicken breast wrapped in jamon
with sweet potato, brocollini, seeded
honey mustard sauce 24.9

Sirloin steak with Paris mash, almond beans
& jus 28.9

Sparkling Wine 

Di Giorgio Lucindale Pinot Chardonnay Lucindale SA (200ml)     Bottle 11

Tyrrells Ashmans Semillon Brut SE Australia     Bottle 36

White Wine

Garfish Moscato    Glass 8.5 /Bottle 36
McLaren Vale SA

Tyrrells Fordwich Verdehlo    Glass 8.0 /Bottle 34
Hunter Valley NSW

Grant Burge Benchmark SSB    Glass 8.0 /Bottle 34
Barossa Valley SA

Lost Turtle Sauvignon Blanc    Glass 9.5 /Bottle 42
Marlborough NZ

Stonefish Chardonnay    Glass 9.5 /Bottle 38
Margaret River WA

Red Wine

Scarpantoni Gamay Dry Rose    Glass 9.0 /Bottle 38
McLaren Vale SA

Little Yering Station Pinot Noir    Glass 9.5 /Bottle 42
Yarra Valley VIC

Stonefish Merlot    Glass 8.5 /Bottle 36
Blackwood Valley WA

Grant Burge ‘Benchmark’ Cab Shiraz    Glass 8.0 /Bottle 34
Barossa Valley SA

Tyrrells Brokenback Shiraz    Glass 9.5 /Bottle 42
Hunter Valley NSW


Cascade Premium   6.5
Light Victoria Bitter    6.5
Coopers Pale Ale 7.8
Cascade Premium Lager  8.0
Crown Lager   8.0
Heineken 8.5
Stella Artois  8.5

Breakfast Menu

TOAST    $4.90
Served with Orange Marmalade, Strawberry Jam
Organic Honey Or Vegemite
Your choice of Soy Linseed, Raisin,
White Sourdough, Rye, Turkish, Gluten Free  ($1.50 ex)
Muffins  $4.40   Friands  $4.40
Gluten Free Banana Bread $4.90


Seasonal Fruit and Berries w Greek Yogurt & Honey  $11.90
Buttermilk Pancakes   $13.90
with your choice Maple Syrup, Crisp Bacon
or Maple Syrup, Banana & Berries
Rolled Oat Porridge w Fresh Apple, Seedless   $12.50
Grapes and Hazelnuts. (Cooked in water)
Bircher Muesli Apple, Cranberries and Raw Almonds   $12.50
Gluten Free Maple Granola w Seasonal Berries    $12.50
and Yoghurt
Chia,Quinoa and Coconut Pudding w Seasonal   $10.90
Fruit, Pepitas and Honey
American Breakfast  – Buttermilk Pancakes with Scrambled Eggs,
Bacon & Maple Syrup   $16.80
Grilled Haloumi, Asparagus, Spinach, Avocado
with Sourdough Toast, Balsamic   $10.90
Add poached egg   $3.00 each
Breakfast Melt  Ham & Swiss Cheese   $9.80
Vegetarian Avocado, Spinach, Mushrooms, Tomato,
Sourdough Toast & Poached Eggs  $18.80
Breakfast Sandwich  Two Fried Eggs, Bacon & Sauce  $9.80
Extra for $1.50 Gluten Free Bread
Eggs Benedict   $16.90
English muffin with Ham, Poached Eggs & Hollandaise
or Florentine with Spinach, Atlantic with Salmon  $2.00  extra

Scrambled, Poached, Fried or Soft Boiled   $9.80
all served with Sourdough Bread
Add Avocado, Roast Tomato, Mushroom, Spinach  $3.00
Bacon, Veal Sausage, Smoked Salmon   $4.00
Extra for $1.50 Gluten Free Bread

Egg White Omelette with Spinach & Mushrooms   $16.80
Classic Ham & Cheese Whole Egg Omelette   $16.80
Feta Cheese & Roast Tomato Whole Egg Omlelette    $16.80

Espresso, Short Macchiato, Piccolo Latte   $3.20
Double Espresso  $3.80
Flat White, Cappuccino, Café Latte    $4.00    $4.80
Long Black, Long Macchiato      $4.00
Chai Latte    $4.50     $4.80
Hot Chocolate or Mocha     $4.80
Soy Milk or Almond Milk   $0.50

BLACK TEA   $4.80
served exclusively by the Tea Centre
Georges blend black tea
India Darjeeling makaibari
Anti stress ayurveda
Chai Mumbai
Orange pekoe decaf
Jasmine Monkey king
Ritz Carlton black tea
Earl gray blue flower
Japanese grenmaicha
Japanese garden tea
Cool Drinks
Iced Latte, Iced Chocolate, Iced Moccha  $6.50
Lemon Iced Tea, Peach Iced Tea    $4.80
San Pellegrino – Limonata,
Chinotto, Aranciata   $4.90
Soft Drinks: Coke, Coke Zero, Sprite, Soda $4.80
Lemon Squash, Lemon, Lime & Bitters   $4.80

Mineral Water
Sparkling Water 500ml      $5.50      750ml  $8.80
Still Water 500ml                $5.50           1 Lt  $8.80

Fresh Juice
Celery, Carrot, Beetroot and Ginger  $6.00
Orange, Pineapple and Mint  $6.00
Beetroot Apple and Ginger   $6.00    Orange  $6.00
Pink Grapefruit and Melon   $6.00
Watermelon   $6.00

Yoghurt Smoothie
Berry, Mango, Banana   $6.50
Caramel, Chocolate, Strawberry, Vanilla  $6.00

Happy Fridays

Friday surely is a happy sound!
$5.00 Peroni beer
$5.00 Mythos beer
$10.00 Signature cocktails.
$7.00 Select wines by the glass.
Every Friday at the Georges Grove Lounge starting from 12pm till 7pm!

This offer cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer.

Validity Date: Not Valid in December